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Mobile Coupon News is part of a larger Niche News Network of websites focused on social media. The Network includes the following:  The eBook revolution has begun. The Kindle, by Amazon, The Nook by B&N and the iPad by Apple are all technically sound platforms that provide the necessary hardware for ebooks to truly flourish as a viable alternative to their printed counterpart. Consumers seem to be embracing the new format at higher rates than industry experts initially anticipated. Where will the new innovations take the industry? How will this affect the major publishing houses? What happens when the floodgates are opened and anyone can publish their book for the entire world to access via the Internet?  Read all about the impact that the eBook revolution will have on modern society at! is a headline news aggregator that provides brief summaries and links to the top stories breaking in the explosive  social games industry. The ability to easily invite and prod your friends into playing a game on a social networking site like Facebook has created an incredible opportunity for developers to leverage the social graph and platform. Follow the action at! is your resource for daily news and headlines in the fast changing world of social media marketing! Each day, we will scour the web to bring you a wide selection of the best articles, videos, interviews and research from the top minds in social media marketing from around the world! is your online resource for news and information about the music business evolving on social networks! For musicians and bands, social networks have emerged as a mission critical marketing channel to reach their audience. Having a profile on MySpace and Facebook is no longer a nice to have….it is definitely a MUST HAVE. Understanding how to blog, text, set up profiles, upload video, create podcasts and tweet are just a few of the many important social networking skills needed in the online music marketing world. is your online resource for news and information about the rapidly evolving social networking industry. Social Networks Guide provides links to other resources and also acts as a headline news aggregator that provides brief summaries and links to the top stories related to social networking. Track the social network revolution as it unfolds at!  Say goodbye to clipping coupons! Mobile Coupons are poised to revolutionize shopping! The ability to simply swipe a code using your cellphone at a grocery store to save a few bucks is going to be a massive mobile marketing opportunity! Learn how companies are using Mobile Coupons to drive more customers to their locations.  Find out how to save a buck or two yourself at! is your online resource directory for information about Twitter. The concept is to provide a wide range of services that will help all levels of Twitter users. provides brief summaries and links to the top stories breaking in the rapidly evolving Twittersphere. is a headline news aggregator that provides brief summaries and links to the top stories breaking in the rapidly evolving virtual currency industry. Virtual Currency has emerged as an online economic powerhouse. The ability to exchange real world cash in exchange for virtual currency to be used to complete “micro-transactions” online for virtual goods and gifts is an incredibly lucrative opportunity. provides news and information about real-time search and marketing. Google’s announcement to integrate real-time search into popular search results indicates that they are taking the real-time updates from Twitter, Facebook and other micro-blogging platforms very seriously. How will this impact conventional search engine optimization and marketing strategies? Find out more and judge for yourself using the news story links, interviews, videos and other resources at! Widgets started on the desktop, migrated to the web, made the transition to mobile and are now poised to invade the television. Services such as the Yahoo Widget Engine and the Widget Bazaar from Verizon on the Fios platform are quickly emerging as the “App Stores” for TV. Learn how these small micro-applications are making a big impact online now and in the future. provides information, articles and resources about the new way of doing business online. Social Commerce taps into the power of social networks, local businesses and the web to create the most powerful way of engaging customers online. Learn and earn at Social Commerce Guide!

COMING SOON! Follow all of your favorite Hollywood celebrities in real-time at! Avatars are gaining in popularity on social networks, virtual worlds and online gaming. Find and bid on the best avatars that developers have to offer at! Send virtual goods such as apparel, jewelry and other in-game items to your online friends to outfit their avatars! Shop on your internet connected TV with all your online friends at! Find the best Social TV programs on your internet connected TV at! Check virtual currency rates on social gaming sites and exchange on the spot at!

The general concept of the network is based on aggregation and content curation. More on the subject from Pete Cashmore of Mashable here

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