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Retailers expand use of Mobile Coupons

Investors.com discusses how more retailers are adopting the use of mobile coupons to drive traffic to stores and increase revenue. From the article:

” Mobile couponing, though, offers advantages. It lets retailers better target customers, Jupiter analyst Howard Wilcox said via e-mail. He says coupons typically arrive on the cell phone as a bar code or alphanumeric code that is redeemable at checkout either by scanning or by the cashier entering the code.”

The Washington Post reports on the mobile coupon initiatives by Target, Sears, Starbucks and others.

” Invented over a century ago as anonymous pieces of paper that could be traded for discounts, coupons have evolved into tracking devices for companies that want to learn more about the habits of their customers.”

Local ABC affiliate KFSN-TV in Fresno provides an article and video of their news coverage.

Mobile Commerce Daily discusses Chili’s Restaurant Chains’ decision to offer a mobile coupon via Foursquare.

” To unlock Chili’s chips and salsa offer with a coupon for instant redemption, guests check-in on Foursquare at participating Chili’s locations.”

Inc reports on numerous small businesses that are taking advantage of mobile coupons to drive sales.

” Because mobile coupons target customers who are near a store’s location, the redemption rates can exceed those of paper coupons.”

The MobileStorm blog provides an interesting 2008 case study where a clothing retailer got a 377% return on investment for their mobile coupon campaign.

” By the end of the campaign on December 31st, 2008, Planet Funk discovered they had created over 20% of their total December revenue via the mobile coupon. Almost 2,000 coupons were generated with a redemption rate at a staggering 91%.”

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iPhone owners redeem more Mobile Coupons

Internet Retailer reports that 9% of iPhone owners have redeemed a mobile coupon. This contrasts with just 4% of smartphone owners and a paltry 2% of mobile phone owners overall. Nevertheless, that means there is plenty of room for growth.  From the article:

” When it comes to prioritization of smartphones when optimizing m-commerce sites and building mobile apps, retailers should focus first on the iPhone, experts say.”

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