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Moms lead the Mobile Coupon charge

A Harris Interactive study shows that Mothers with children have surpassed the early adopters (young male crowd) as the demo most likely to use mobile coupons on a regular basis. Additional articles and analysis by:

MarketingMag.ca ” The new data also show that parents of youngsters are also more likely to sign up and redeem coupons via e-mail, online or through services such as Groupon.”

Brafton Custom News Marketing ” One-third of parents were interested in texts about new products, sales or promotions from brands, and this increased to 35 percent for parents with children under the age of 6.”

ReveReviews discusses how the mobile coupon revolution may spur additional Location Based Service  (LBS) marketing.

” So as smartphones approach critical mass, they’re pulling mobile coupons along with them. But the questions remains: what larger implication could this have for mobile marketing?”

PRWeb.com Press Release

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US Mobile Coupon usage lags behind Asia

The Huffington Post discusses some of the reason the US and European markets have lagged behind Asian markets in adopting mobile coupons. From the article:

” For the retailer, instead of building models of large scale demographics by age, industry or gender, the goal is changing to use demographics as initial templates to build individual profiles which reflect the true needs of the person or business interacting with your marketing.”

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iPhone owners redeem more Mobile Coupons

Internet Retailer reports that 9% of iPhone owners have redeemed a mobile coupon. This contrasts with just 4% of smartphone owners and a paltry 2% of mobile phone owners overall. Nevertheless, that means there is plenty of room for growth.  From the article:

” When it comes to prioritization of smartphones when optimizing m-commerce sites and building mobile apps, retailers should focus first on the iPhone, experts say.”

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The Mobile Coupon Guide

Mint provides an overview of “The Mobile Coupon Guide” created by Savebrite.com. From the article:

Mobile coupons are available to consumers in three forms:
• By text message sent directly from the business
• Smartphone applications
• Social networking sites

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Mobile Coupons market predicted to be $6.5 Billion by 2014.

Trends research company PSFK in New York discusses a report that predicts the mobile coupon market to reach $6.5 Billion by 2014. From the article:

” Particularly convincing is that coupons and purchase incentives drive people to spend far more than they would have without said coupon – on average, from $122 without a coupon to $216 with”

Graphic available via link in MobiAdNews

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Mobile Coupons see Explosive Growth

Biz Report highlights a recent report from MarketingVox that shows explosive growth in digital and mobile coupon use by consumers. From the article:

” However, many believe it is mobile coupons that are the future. Borrell Associates forecasts mobile coupon growth to rocket from 2009’s $5 million to $2.4 billion by 2013.”

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