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Groupon highlights

Online coupon company Groupon’s runaway success has created a mad dash to offer mobile and email coupons to consumers. Articles and analysis by:

BusinessWeek ” The market for e-mailed coupons is getting crowded. Review site Yelp, which has 35 million unique monthly users, experimented with daily coupons in Sacramento, Calif., in June. “It’s something we continue to test,” says Stephanie Ichinose, a spokeswoman for San Francisco-based Yelp.”

CenterNetworks discusses why Groupon online coupons are better than FourSquare checkins. From the article…

” The very interesting part about the Gap offer is that you can only redeem the offer in-store. The Gap will see a large increase in foot traffic and while many will do everything they can to spend exactly $50, most will spend more – and that’s what the Gap is banking on.”

The now infamous  Gap promotion is the first nationwide coupon deal by Groupon.  Articles from:

Chicago Tribune ” The coupon offered $50 in Gap merchandise for $25, and demand was so high that Groupon’s servers experienced technical difficulties Thursday morning.”

The Globe and Mail ” Groupon is an amazing success. The site launched in 2008 and although the company is based in Chicago, they now serve more than 13 million subscribers in 29 countries.”

Mashable ” When asked if Gap had expected such a huge response to the deal, Doyne responded, “Since this is the first time Groupon has done a national deal of this size, it was hard to estimate the outcome. We’re really pleased with how many people have taken advantage of the offer.”

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