iPhone owners redeem more Mobile Coupons

Internet Retailer reports that 9% of iPhone owners have redeemed a mobile coupon. This contrasts with just 4% of smartphone owners and a paltry 2% of mobile phone owners overall. Nevertheless, that means there is plenty of room for growth.  From the article:

” When it comes to prioritization of smartphones when optimizing m-commerce sites and building mobile apps, retailers should focus first on the iPhone, experts say.”

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The Mobile Coupon Guide

Mint provides an overview of “The Mobile Coupon Guide” created by Savebrite.com. From the article:

Mobile coupons are available to consumers in three forms:
• By text message sent directly from the business
• Smartphone applications
• Social networking sites

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Mobile Coupons market predicted to be $6.5 Billion by 2014.

Trends research company PSFK in New York discusses a report that predicts the mobile coupon market to reach $6.5 Billion by 2014. From the article:

” Particularly convincing is that coupons and purchase incentives drive people to spend far more than they would have without said coupon – on average, from $122 without a coupon to $216 with”

Graphic available via link in MobiAdNews

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Mobile Coupons see Explosive Growth

Biz Report highlights a recent report from MarketingVox that shows explosive growth in digital and mobile coupon use by consumers. From the article:

” However, many believe it is mobile coupons that are the future. Borrell Associates forecasts mobile coupon growth to rocket from 2009’s $5 million to $2.4 billion by 2013.”

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