Benefits of Mobile Coupons

Although a bit dated, this is an excellent article provided by that describes the numerous benefits of mobile coupons. From the article:

” Mobile coupons are a good way to influence purchasers at point of purchase and enable marketers to bridge online/mobile search behavior usage to purchase.” provide an interesting article entitled: 5 Reasons to Use Mobile Coupons Now” . From the article:

” Whether or not people redeem your coupon, 95 percent of all text messages are read by recipients. “

iMedia Connection provides “5 ways to win with mobile coupons”.

” Although most businesses are fully aware of the marketing potential of mobile couponing (namely its ability to reach customers anywhere, at any time, with any message), many marketers still have not found effective ways of harvesting that potential and transforming it into sales. “

Media Transparent provides”Five future trends in Mobile Coupons”.


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