codeREADr makes Mobile Coupon scanning easy

From Skycoremobile: codeREADr is Skycore’s smartphone app. It is a mobile, 2D barcode scanning app and service designed primarily for developers and integrators of enterprise and third party applications and services. You can enable smartphones to quickly and securely scan, track, record and verify barcodes in real-time anywhere where 3G or Wi-Fi service is available. Scan tickets, badges, employees IDs, assets, membership cards and virtually anything else that can be tracked with a unique ID.

Video – codeREADr

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UK Shoppers want Mobile Coupons

A new Study by Evolution Insights shows that 81% of UK shoppers are interested in receiving digital or mobile coupons for grocery items. From the article:

” The research also uncovers that broader demand for digital grocery coupons is also swelling. 81% now say they would be interested in receiving coupons and offers for food and grocery using the internet or mobile device.”

Additional info in the offical Press Release by BusinessWire

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Finding Mobile Coupons

ReadWriteWeb has a very good article regarding where to find mobile coupons. From the article:

” Some of these have barcodes, some do not and in at least one case, the coupon didn’t load – only the mobile website did. Oops!”

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Mobile Coupons on Holidays

An industry report by Briabe Media and MocoSpace indicates that 30% of consumers surveyed intended to use mobile coupons during the 2010 Holiday shopping season. Articles and analysis from:

ClickZ  ” Demographics-wise, Asian-Americans are the most apt to use mobile coupons this holiday season, at 35 percent. African-Americans (34 percent) are the second-most likely to use mobile coupons.”


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Mobile Coupon Video

A TV news station offers a video about mobile apps including mobile coupons for Target in this video.

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Mobile Coupon Guidelines

The Mobile Marketing Association provides a published list of guidelines for retailers and purchasers to follow when offering mobile coupons. Articles and analysis from:

DMNews ” The goal of the guidelines is to give marketers, merchants, wireless carriers and industry members a framework for using mobile coupons and rebates to increase sales and promote consumer loyalty, the industry group said.”

TMC.Net ” The guidelines have the objective to address the growing needs of marketers and consumers to have transparency to the consumer information used for mobile marketing context across the various market sectors.”

PRNewsWire ” Mobile coupons are one type of Mobile Price Promotion, which the MMA defines as “electronic coupons or rebates that traverse the full redemption process without the requirement for conversion into a paper or other hard-copy format.”

EXTRA! MMA Mobile Coupon industry guide (PDF) here

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Check out CheckPoints

Mashable reports on a new mobile coupon service that rewards offline shoppers who scan products for virtual currency using their iPhone called CheckPoints. From the article:

” Newcomer CheckPoints is taking a slightly different approach to the mobile shopping space with a service that combines checkins, barcode scanning and rewards for an all-in-one consumer and brand-friendly platform.”

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Mobile users want their Coupons via Texts

A recent study from Insight Express shows that almost half  of US consumers wantto receive their mobile coupons via Text. Article and analysis from Marketing Charts

“….figures from “Get Ready for the Mobile Shopper” (included in the July 2010 Millennial Media SMART Report) indicate 45% of consumers prefer to receive mobile coupons via text. Another 28% prefer to find mobile offers using an app, and 27% opt-in to receive mobile coupons at the store.”

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Groupon highlights

Online coupon company Groupon’s runaway success has created a mad dash to offer mobile and email coupons to consumers. Articles and analysis by:

BusinessWeek ” The market for e-mailed coupons is getting crowded. Review site Yelp, which has 35 million unique monthly users, experimented with daily coupons in Sacramento, Calif., in June. “It’s something we continue to test,” says Stephanie Ichinose, a spokeswoman for San Francisco-based Yelp.”

CenterNetworks discusses why Groupon online coupons are better than FourSquare checkins. From the article…

” The very interesting part about the Gap offer is that you can only redeem the offer in-store. The Gap will see a large increase in foot traffic and while many will do everything they can to spend exactly $50, most will spend more – and that’s what the Gap is banking on.”

The now infamous  Gap promotion is the first nationwide coupon deal by Groupon.  Articles from:

Chicago Tribune ” The coupon offered $50 in Gap merchandise for $25, and demand was so high that Groupon’s servers experienced technical difficulties Thursday morning.”

The Globe and Mail ” Groupon is an amazing success. The site launched in 2008 and although the company is based in Chicago, they now serve more than 13 million subscribers in 29 countries.”

Mashable ” When asked if Gap had expected such a huge response to the deal, Doyne responded, “Since this is the first time Groupon has done a national deal of this size, it was hard to estimate the outcome. We’re really pleased with how many people have taken advantage of the offer.”

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Mobile Consumers want Coupons

A recent report entitled, ” JiWire Mobile Audience insight Report” finds that consumers rank receiving mobile coupons and discounts very highly. Articles and analysis from:

Mashable ” Interestingly enough, coupons and discounts placed second only to maps, and out-ranked reviews, status updates and checkins when users ranked the most valuable features of location-based applications.”

TG Daily ” The report showed that 39% of users are interested in receiving local discounts while on the go. Over 50% want their mobile ads to be location-specific.”

Wireless Week ” More than half of men and 42 percent of women are willing to disclose their location information to get ads that are more appropriate to them, according to JiWire’s report, which pulled data from 315,000 public Wi-Fi locations and a survey of 2,260 customers randomly selected from JiWire’s Wi-Fi media channel.”

MarketWire (Press Release)

Full JiWire report here (PDF)

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